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Measurement & control system for friction testing machines


Our measurement and control system measures and regulates the rotation velocity, the torque, the oil pressure, the oil temperature and the oil flow of a friction testing machine using our auto operation program, which is fully compatible with Windows PC. The system covers a wide variety of operations, measurement and control of testing machines.
  ・Update operation patterns / Specify testing
  conditions and channel information
  ・Manual operation / Automatic operation

We offer a wide variety of applications for measured data.
  ・Test condition update / Waveform cursor
  ・Report printing / Performance graph printing
  ・Import data file to CSV text file

Our system covers various performance tests and endurance tests for a friction material testing machines.

Combing tester


The coming tester simulates combing action with a brush at a regular speed. The main body is equipped with a load cell and a displacement meter to compare various combing conditions (comparisons between after you have a shower and after you have a shampoo). This tester is controlled by special software. This enables customers to set various situations. (For example, you comb your hair 10 times, and then you have a shower for 10 seconds. Take 30 seconds rests. Finally, you comb your hairs 20 times.)



Techno Hashimoto sells this combing tester. Please visit the website of “Techno Hashimoto” for more details.

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