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PC Memory Recorder (DLR2000-U)


Our PC memory recorder is designed to use with force sensors using strain gauges and thermocouples. The recorder converts signals from sensors to physical quantities, and displays them on a monitor in real time. You can freely apply digital filters by using our software to reduce analog noises while observing the phenomena in a monitor. Data is saved to dedicated binary files. Various software applications are available.

System structure



This software handles a series of process ranging from condition settings, measurement and analysis.
If you have some requirements on measurement and analysis, we will arrange our software to meet your requirements. Please consult us.



CH (sensor) information screen

Update the information of your sensor or amplifier.
Type how many hertz you need for digital filter. (-24 dB/oct digital filter without retardation in phase)


Test condition screen

Choose sampling frequency, type out measurement time, and click “Manual” or “Trigger.”
Change the destination to save data files.


Calibration screen

Calibrate your sensor and amplifier.



Measurement screen

Monitor sensor waveforms in real-time based on the information you specified on “CH information screen,” “Test condition screen” and “Calibration screen.” Create data files (dedicated binary files).



Time-series screen

Display the waveform of selected channels from data files on time-series monitor (X-axis: time, Y-axis: physical quantities). Read the data with your cursor.


Correlation chart screen

Display the waveform of selected channels on a correlation chart (X-axis: physical quantities, Y-axis: physical quantities).


Statistics screen

Display maximum values, minimum values, average values, amplitude values, standard deviations and root-mean-square (rms) in a list.



CSV file conversion screen

Choose channel numbers and time for CSV file conversion.


CH (sensor) information revise screen

Change the name of channels and physical quantity, and choose coefficient and digital filter numbers.


Data correction screen

Revise some part of data.
*Use “CH (sensor) information revise screen” to revise overall conditions such as data offset.



System test

Test nonlinearity and accuracy (reliability)
Print Test Data Sheet


Time-series overlaid waveform screen

Choose appropriate channels from six data files, and monitor overlaid waveforms on the time-series screen.


Data file conversion screen
(CSV file → dedicated data file)

Convert a CSV file in a specified format to a data file for our software. Our software also handles CSV files from another measurement device.

Optional software (DS210 Histogram analysis / Fatigue life prediction application)

Histogram analysis



[Histogram analysis]
DS210 provides various histogram analyses focusing on peak level, besides highly-accurate 2-Dimensional rainflow.

□2-dimentional rainflow □Amplitude
□Peak / Valley □Maximum / Minimum
□Level cross □Time at level / 2-dimentional time at level

□128 (+/-64), 64 (+/-32), 32 (+/-16) slice level
□Eliminate unnecessary amplitude (noises)

[Data processing]
DS210 displays a histogram or a scatter diagram for frequency ratio (distance / time) and S-N table.

□Semilog graph / Log-log graph. One channel, two channels, and four channels display per sheet
□Specify “Full” or “Half” of amplitude range.
□Repeated / Reversed operation of histogram

DS210 revises the number of load counting on a sheet, converts data into text files (CSV format), and combines several histograms for total prediction.

Fatigue life prediction



[SN table]
Create SN tables with up to 5 interval points, and allocate them to a channel for each material.

□Analysis of both positive and negative sides on a SN table.

Simple tables showing regression coefficient, invariable or fatigue limit are also available.

[Fatigue life prediction]
Our Fatigue Life Prediction predicts several fatigue life prediction with the damage of each slice width.

□The median / the limit of slice width
□Specify “Full” / “Half” of amplitude range
□Repeated / Reversed operation of the number of counting load
□Analysis of both positive and negative sides on a SN table / Combined prediction

Total life prediction for all stored SN tables is also available.

Optional software (DS220 Frequency analysis system software)

Frequency analysis



[FFT analysis]
DS220 enables you to analyze frequency for each channel in the same condition by changing a channel.
FFT analysis of up to 1600 lines (4096 points) is available.

□Time domain: Time-axis waveform / Differentiation and integration
Autocorrelation / Cross correlation function
Impulse response
□Peak / Valley Linear vector / Power spectrum / Density, Phase
Cross spectrum / Cross pahse
Transfer function / Coherence

DS220 enables you to print the results of analysis or export them to text files (CSV format) while opening eight analysis windows at the same time. DS220 automatically outputs analyzed data. This is very efficient.


[Data operation]
DSS220 enables you to analyze different channel data files at the same time under various and flexible conditions.

□Window function: Hanning, hamming / Blackman / Triangle
□Averaging: Overlap / Averaging / Peak hold
□Results: One channel and two channels display per sheet / Overlay / Nyquist diagram

Digital filter


FFT analysis with digital filters will be available by arranging “Digital Filter Curb” in advance.
Freely create digital filters by specifying one “Bandpass” and four “Bandcut.”

□Low pass
□High pass
□Band eliminate


Model DLR2000-U
OS Windows Xp, Windows 7
Number of channels 16 channels per recorder (up to 4 recorders (64 channels)
Resolution 12 bits
Input range +/-1 V, +/-5 V, +/-10 V (select them with software)
Conversion accuracy +/-0.2% FS
Sampling frequency Up to 100 kHz / channel (Up to 5 kHz / channel after 17 channels)
It may be limited by your computer’s processing speed.)
Data capacity Free space on your computer (Up to 100 MB)
How to measure Manual (software), external trigger, pre-trigger
External trigger: Contact or TTL signals *Only TTL (sctive high) after 17 channles
Pre-trigger: Contact or TTL signals *Only TTL (active high) after 17 channles
Accessories Measurement software, USB cable (1 m)

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