As an innovative measurement dedicated firm, we have always taken on challenges to provide our best products for users to create inventive products that take us to the next step.
It is based on the "Management Philosophy" and "Management Policy" from the foundation of our company and has been realized by three practices:
・ Sincere commitment
・ Finding what is really wanted
・ Creating satisfying products
In addition, we have a system to respond smoothly and promptly by equipping ourselves with the sales, design, development, and manufacturing capabilities to realize them.
Sometimes we receive orders that require great challenges, but the joy of completing the work is greater than anything else, and the accumulation of these experiences is the source of our history and pride, where I am convinced that this spirit will lead to the advancement of technology in the world.
In 2021, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our founding.
As the second generation, I would like to continue contributing to the development of various industries while maintaining the spirit inherited from the previous generation.