Company History

March 1991 Tec Gihan Co., Ltd. established.
January 1992 Office built in Uji-city, Kyoto.
May 1994 Design and production of force sensors begins.
April 2000 Design and production of the measurement software begins.
January 2001 Sales of PC memory recorder, DLR2000, begin.
May 2002 Joint development with Doshisha University on a small fingertip tactile sensor begins as a part of biological sensing technology projects under
“The Knowledge Cluster Initiative” by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
September 2004 New office established in Okubocho in Uji-city, Kyoto.
November 2004 Force sensor and data logger exhibited at the joint symposium with The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.
May 2005 3-axis force sensor patented in USA.
March 2006 3-axis force sensor receives JSME Kansai Branch Award.
April 2006 Sales of 3-axis force sensors and measurement systems begin.
October 2006 Development of “multi-purpose high-precision small 6-axis sensor and measurement system” beings as a 2-year plan under Industry-Academia-Government collaboration by Kyoto prefecture.
March 2008 The development of the multi-purpose high-precision small 6-axis sensor and measurement system completed.
June 2008 Mass production of ground reaction force plates (Force Plate) begins.
March 2009 Certified according to ISO 9001.
August 2010 Mobile ground reaction force plate system is developed supported by the subsidy
from The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
November 2011 Haplog receives Good Design Award.
April 2012 Receives JSME Excellent Product Award for the development of low-profile 3-axis force sensor and the application products.
November 2012 Joint development of Force Plate Integrated Treadmill for rehabilitation with Fujita Health University
and the sales begin.
October 2013 Sensor-integrated high-precision running machine developed supported by the subsidy
from The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
March 2014 Sales of low-profile 6-axis force sensors begin.
May 2014 YAWASA is registered as a trademark.
August 2014 Rehabilitation gravimetric system is developed supported by the subsidy
from The Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
March 2015 Approved as a medical equipment manufacturer and a seller in Japan.
October 2015 BASYS approved as a medical equipment in Japan.
November 2015 Yokohama office established in Yokohama-city, Kanagawa-prefecture.
October 2016 BASYS receives the Kyoto Small and Medium Enterprise Excellent Technology Award.
March 2017 Certified according to ISO 14001.
October 2018 Treadmill designed for trainings based on sports and rehabilitation science is developed.
October 2020 Prototype new rehabilitation instrument using haptic feedback technology is developed.

The number of patents as of 2014: Japan-9, USA-1
Under application-6