M3D Force Plate (Wired)

The wired M3D Force Plate offers simple gait measurement by connecting the Plate to a computer with a USB cable.
The compact six-component force sensor can be used for a wide range of applications.


  • Two size options are available : 80×95 (toe) / 80×80 (heel)
  • A maximum of four Plates can be used simultaneously.
  • Inertial sensors (acceleration, gyro, geomagnetic) are integrated in each Force Plate to measure simultaneously with six force components.
  • Measured data are saved as a CSV file in chronological order to allow various types of analysis.

System Configuration


Model M3D-EL-FP-U
Number of channels 21ch
Sampling frequency 1000Hz

3-axis force sensor, 3-axis acceleration sensor: 12-bit
3-axis gyro sensor: 16-bit
3-axis geomagnetic sensor (X/Y-axis): 13-bit
3-axis geomagnetic sensor (Z-axis): 15-bit

External dimensions 
& weight

Toe: 95(W) x 80(D) x 11(H) mm、171g
Heel: 80(W) x 80(D) x 11(H) mm、150g
(Excl. rubber parts and protrusions)

[Force Plate]
Rated capacity Fx=±500N, Fy=±500N, Fz=+1000N,
Mx=±30N・m, My=±30N・m, Mz=±15N・m
Zero adjustment Auto-balance
Low-pass filter 200Hz, -12dB/oct
Non-linearity ±1% RO or less
[3-axis acceleration sensor]
Measurement range ±2G / ±4G / ±8G / ±16G
[3-axis gyro sensor]
Measurement range ±2000deg/s
[3-axis geomagnetic sensor]
Measurement range ±1300μT (X/Y-axis), ±2500μT (Z-axis)