Force Plate


Dimensions: 400mm x 600mm
Internationally standard size and most commonly used standard model.
Dimensions: 400mm x 600mm
Light (13.6kg) and Thin, Portable Force Plate. 3000N for a variety of uses.
Dimensions: 300mm×400mm
Low capacity Force Plate (Max. range 1kN, Min. range 300N).
Suitable for measurement of a small force such as a child's standing-up motion.
Dimensions: 600mm×900mm
Large model suitable for a measurement of larger step movements such as those in sports.
Dimensions: 900mm×1000mm
Extra-large model for the use in an athletics stadium.
Applicable for both single use and a measurement system using multiple Force Plates.

Small for Shoes

This portable M3D Force Plate is designed to be attached directly to the feet or slippers.
The M3D does not require that the feet are placed on separate force plates and can measure walking properties on steps or slopes where it is generally difficult to install force plates.