Wired Trigger Remote Control

Wired trigger box designed to simultaneously output contact and TTL signals.

System Configuration

Wired type


Model TRC-T
Trigger output One circuit split into two: 1. TTL signal … Positive/Negative logic switching 2. Contact signal
Output connector BNC connector
Operating temperature range 0 – 50℃
Power supply Two AA batteries
Hours of continuous use 24 hours or more (1 trigger output / 1min.)
External dimensions 69.5(W)×92.0(D)×28.4(H)mm (excl. protrusions)


How to use

  1. Securely connect the trigger output connector of the main box to the trigger input connector of a connecting device. When connecting multiple devices, use a relay adapter for the junction.
  2. Turn on the power of the main box. Power light turns green.
  3. When outputting TTL signals, select positive or negative logic using the [SELECT] button.
  4. Set a connecting device to trigger-start status.
  5. Press the [START] button to start the output of trigger signals and the measurement of a connecting device.


  • Battery change … Open the rear panel to change a battery.