TF-3040 Force Plate

Highly sensitive and portable Force Plate can be applied to friction measurement as well as motion measurement.

Compact (300mmx400mm) and lower capacity (Max. range 1kN, Min. range 300N) model.
The Force Plate accurately captures small reaction forces that tend to be buried in noise such as a baby’s standing-up motion, a robot’s walking or seat pressure measurement.


Model TF-3040
Rated capacity Fx = ±300N,  Fy = ±300N,  Fz = +1000N,  Mx = ±150N・m,  My = ±100N・m,  Mz = ±60N・m
[Measurement range]
Fx (N) ±100 ±200 ±300
Fy (N) ±100 ±200 ±300
Fz (N) +300 +600 +1000
Mx (N・m) ±45 ±90 ±150
My (N・m) ±30 ±60 ±100
Mz (N・m) ±20 ±40 ±60
Non-linearity ±0.5% RO or less
Hysteresis ±0.5% RO or less
[Mechanical characteristics]
Allowable overload 150% (of the rated capacity of range 3)
Natural frequency Z-axis=320Hz
Weight 7kg
Power supply 12V DC, AC adapter included.
Output Digital and analog outputs of 6-force components after mutual interference corrections. (±10V/full-scale of each range)
Synchronized operation Max. 20 units can be synchronized (digital).
Trigger functions Contact input, Level trigger input
External Dimensions 300×400×44(h)