TF-4060 Force Plate

400mm x 600mm Standard model for multiple needs.

Our Force Plate uses a strain gauge and features excellent linearity and temperature characteristics, allowing calibration with a static load. Minimal zero-drifting enables stable measurement.

Our unique technology is applied to the design and combinations of the internal sensors and top plates, which are the key features of our Force Plate.


Model TF-4060
Rated capacity Fx = ±3000N,  Fy = ±3000N,  Fz = +10000N,  Mx = ±2000N・m, My = ±1500N・m,  Mz = ±600N・m
[Measurement range 1,2,3 ]                                     
Fx (N) ±1000 ±2000 ±3000
Fy (N) ±1000 ±2000 ±3000
Fz (N) +3000 +6000 +10000
Mx (N・m) ±600 ±1200 ±2000
My (N・m) ±450 ±900 ±1500
Mz (N・m) ±200 ±400 ±600
Non-linearity ±0.5% RO or less
Hysteresis ±0.5% RO or less
[Mechanical characteristics]
Allowable overload 150% (of the rated capacity of range 3)
Natural frequency Z=420Hz
Weight 31kg
Power supply 12V DC, AC adapter included.
Output Digital / analog output of 6-force component after mutual interference correction. (±10V/full-scale of each range)
Synchronized operation Max. 20 units can be synchronized (digital).
Trigger functions Contact input, Level trigger input
External dimensions 400×600×77(h)