TF-90100 Force Plate

Dimensions: 900mm×1000mm
Extra-large model for the use in an athletics stadium.
Applicable for both single use and a measurement system using multiple Force Plates.


Model TF-90100
Rated capacity Fx = ±3000N, Fy = ±3000N, Fz = +10000N, Mx = ±3500N・m, My = ±3000N・m, Mz = ±1000N・m
Measurement range
Fx (N) ±3000
Fy (N) ±3000
Fz (N) +10000
Mx (N・m) ±3500
My (N・m) ±3000
Mz (N・m) ±1000
Non-linearity ±1.0% RO or less
Hysteresis ±1.0% RO or less
[Mechanical characteristics]
Allowable overload 150%
Natural frequency Z-axis = 340Hz
Weight 68kg
Power supply 12V DC, AC adapter included.
Output Digital / analog output of 6-force component after mutual interferences correction. (±10V/full-scale of each range)
Synchronized operation Max. 20 Force Plates can be synchronized (digital).
Trigger functions Contact input, Level trigger input
External Dimensions 900×1000×130(h)