TFG-4060 Force Plate

Portable Force Plate TFG-4060

A strain gauge type force plate offers excellent linearity, temperature characteristics
and static load measurement. The portable and standard size force plate with the capacity of 3000N expands your measurement applications.

  • Light (13.6kg) and Thin
  • Standard size 400mm x 600mm
  • 3000N for a variety of uses
  • Integrated amplifier and simple configuration
  • Wide range of applications



The lightweight TFG-4060 can be easily carried by one person, which enables easy operation outside a laboratory such as a hospital or an external test site.
The optional storage case provides secure delivery of the force plate.



Wide range of applications including the measurement of gait, the center of gravity sway in standing posture, standing-up motion and walking with a support gear.

Digital / Analog output after interference correction.

Our Force Plate TF series including the TFG-4060 provide not only digital communication and data output, but also ±10V analog output of 6 components, Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz.

The interference-compensated digital/analog output data are easy to process.

Digital output is useful for performing measurement with our Force Plates through the dedicated software.

Analog output is often used when operating simultaneously with a motion capture system.

Simultaneous digital and analog operation is also available.

Simultaneous control of multiple Force Plates

Up to 20 TFG-4060 or other TF Force Plates can be synchronized with a simple connection. Only one USB cable is connected to a computer at the end.


External TRIG start

The TFG-4060 has a BNC terminal to input a contact signal to align a recording start point with external devices.


Optional carrying case

Storage case with wheels for carrying the Force Plate including the cables and the remote.


Model TFG-4060
Rated capacity Fx ・Fy = ±1000N,  Fz = 0 to 3000N, 
Mx = ±600N・m, My = 450N・m,  Mz = 200N・m
Allowable overload 150%
Non-linearity ±1.0% RO 
Hysteresis ±1.0% RO
Interference ±3.0% RO
Natural frequency Fz=200Hz
Output Digital / analog output of 6-force component after mutual interference correction (±10V)
Synchronized operation Max. 20 units can be synchronized (digital).
Trigger functions Contact input, Level trigger input
External dimensions and weight 400(W)× 600(D) × 43(H) mm,   13.6kg
Power supply 12V DC, AC adapter included (100-240V AC)