TF-2020 Tactile Measurement Platform

"Tactile force plate" that can measure minute touch forces

This is a force plate that can measure sensations as minute as tracing your finger.
It can be used to measure the flick/touch force of smartphones, the smoothness and friction force of fabrics, the application force of cosmetics and medicines, force plates for small animals, etc.

Papers/technical information


This is a force plate with a full scale (rated load) of Fx, Fy, Fz = 10N.
In addition, the top plate is made of transparent acrylic, so you can place the camera under the plate.
It is also possible to record the degree of deformation of the finger.

For visualization of surgical skills, evaluation of skin resistance during incision, evaluation of surgical instruments such as scalpels, etc.

USLG-10 3-axis force sensor can be applied

Rated capacity: 10N

Weight: 12g

Size: H27mm, φ10mm, 14mm

Because it is small, it is easy to install a sensor → For example, modify the female and install USLG10 in between.

Custom-made example of using carbon material for force plate [High precision, ultra-lightweight, improved operability] Medical use

Provided by Professor Sakuma and Professor Kobayashi, Medical Precision Engineering Laboratory, University of Tokyo
Provided by Professor Sakuma and Professor Kobayashi, Medical Precision Engineering Laboratory, University of Tokyo

Highly rigid and lightweight CFRP material is used for the top plate and base plate.
Even strain gauge type has high natural frequency and can follow fast phenomena.
Small and lightweight, easy to handle

Main Specifications

・Top plate and base plate material CFRP

・Size  100mm×160mm×38mm

・Weight 380g (excluding cable)

・Rated capacity Fx,=±10N, Fy=±10N, Fz=+15N, Mx=±0.9N・m, My=±0.5N・m, Mz=±0.6N・m

・Natural frequency Fx, Fy=370Hz, Fz=550Hz

・Allowable overload 200% of rated capacity


Model  TF-2020
Rated capacity    Fx: ±10N
         Fy: ±10N
         Fz: +10N
         Mx: 80N・cm
         My: 80N・cm
         Mz: 80N・cm
Allowable overload 200%
Non-linearity ±1.0%RO
Hysteresis ±1.0%RO
Interference ±2.0%RO
Natural frequency Fz=270Hz
Temperature compensation range
Allowable temperature range
Sampling frequency maximum 1000Hz
Resolution  16bit
low pass filter  200Hz(-12dB/oct)
Trigger function Contact signal input (Recording start) 

5V DC,AC adapter include(100-240 AC)

External dimension and weight 


Main unit : 230(L) ☓ 230(W) ☓ 53(H)mm , 2250g       

Amplifier  : 120(H) ☓ 105(W) ☓ 30(H)mm , 445g   120×105×30mm


main   2250g

Amplifier   445g


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[Products related to softness and tactile sensation measurement] Measuring instruments that quantify, quantify, and evaluate tactile sensation are capable of measuring tactile sensation, 
tactile presentation, elasticity measurement, etc. It is also possible to quantify the movements of craftsmen who make detailed finger movements. By measuring minute movements, 
the craftsman's sense and technique can be quantified and quantified. It can be used to pass on the technical skills of craftsmen, and it helps pass on intuition and experience, 
such as movement, movement, and force, to future generations. It is possible to measure and evaluate the softness and elasticity of materials.
[HapLog] Haptic/tactile measurement Haptic skill logger
Custom-made products such as finger sensors, tactile sensors, tactile measuring instruments, and tactile force plates are also available.

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