HapLog – Haptic Skill Logger

Quantifies the tactile sense of the finger

The HapLog sensor is mounted on the fingernail to measure the finger pressure.
Since the fingerprint is exposed, gripping force can be measured without losing the tactile sense of holding an object.
This product will be useful for the evaluations such as operation abilities or rehabilitation effects, usability evaluation of packages, quantifying makeup behavior or craftsmanship.
Recently, advanced research has been conducted to visualize technical skills such as for technology transmission.


This product is patented in Japan. Patent No. 5809452.


(As featured on Shiseido’s YouTube)

(As featured on Peach John’s YouTube)


The finger pad expands when it is pressed to a contact surface. 
Accordingly, the finger deforms and this deformation is converted into load.
Since the finger deformation changes depending on a person and environment,
the correlation between deformation and force are calibrated, and the calibration result is applied to following tests.

Calibration (individual data)

The finger is pushed to the calibrator.

Measures the correlation between and finger pad deformation and load,
and the result is used as calibration data.


Measurement is based on calibration results, and measurement results are saved in CSV format.

System Configuration


Model HapLog
[Components] Contact force sensor(1)  *The size can be selected on the purchase), connection unit(1), calibration unit(1), USB cable(2), software install disc, manual, storage box.
[Computer requirements]
OS Compatibility Windows XP,  Windows 7
CPU Intel Core2 Duo 2.54GHz or above
Connection USB port (2)
[Wearable contact sensor]
Inner dimensions 5 models available: 11mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm
Integrated sensor detection Strain (shown as load value after calibration), 3-axis acceleration.
[Calibration unit]
Rated capacity 30 N
Resolution 16-bit
External trigger function of connection unit (Contact, IN) *This allows synchronized measurement with such as a camera system.