HDL-30 Portable Data Logger

HDL-30A is a offline programmable measuring device designed lightweight and small-sized to be worn on the body.  Maximum 30 channels (ten 3-axis force sensors) can be measured simultaneously.  

  • Offline data-logger that can measure maximum ten 3-axis force sensors.
  • Wearable for its lightweight (approx. 310g. excl. external battery) & small body (120×110×40mm). 
  • Data are saved in a USB memory and output in CSV format using the software.


Offline measuring device suitable for measurement such as sports.

○ Compact & Lightweight & Multi-channel measurement tool

○ Simple 2 buttons, [ZORO] and [START/STOP].

(Test conditions are set through a computer)
(Test conditions are set through a computer)

○ Data is saved in a USB flash memory. Converted to CSV file using the software.

○ A 32GB USB memory included.

  • Up to 4 GB / measurement  (continuous 18 hours at 30ch & 1kHz).
  • aves Max. 9,999 times of measurement.

Online (real-time) measurement is also available.

○ Simply connect to a computer with a USB cable for real-time measurement.

System Configuration


Model HDL-30A
Number of channels 30
Sampling frequency 1kHz (May be restricted according to processing speed of a computer for online measurement.)
Resolution 16-bit
Filter Digital filter through the software (low-pass filter)
External trigger Contact (NPN open collector)
Operational temperature range 0~50℃、85%RH or less (Non-condensing)
Power supply 5V DC ±10% or USB (5V DC takes priority when supplied simultaneously.
Measurement range ±500με; ±1000με; ±2000με; ±5000με; ±20000με
Zero adjustment range ±5000με
Non-linearity ±0.2%
Accuracy ±500με-range: ±0.1%±5με
±1000με-range: ±0.1%±1με
±2000με-range: ±0.1%±2με
±5000με-range: ±0.1%±5με
±20000με-range: ±0.1%±10με
Measurement method

2-way: Online / Offline

・Online measurement: Connect with a computer using a USB cable for real-time measurement and data save.

・Offline measurement: Measurement in preset conditions. Data are saved in a USB flash memory and converted in CSV format using the dedicated software.

Storage device (Offline measurement) USB flash memory (MF-SU332GSV…32GB, ELECOM) 
・4GB or below / measurement (18 hours at 30ch & 1kHz) 
・Stores Max. 9,999 times of measurement.
External dimensions 120mm×40mm×110mm (excl. protrusions)