DSA-03 Compact 3-ch Signal Conditioner

3-axis Force Sensor Compatible Analog Amplifier

Simple & easy-to-use 3CH strain amplifier.
The 3-step low-pass filter enables low-noise and high-precision measurement.
Outputs ±5V analog voltage.
*Interference correction calculation is required externally.
*The programmable measuring device, DSS300, has the interference correction function.


Model DSA-03A
Number of channels 3ch
Applied sensor 120Ω~350Ω bridge
Applied voltage 2.5V DC
Zero adjustment range Auto-balance: ±5000με (Accuracy:±20με)
Manual-balance: ±200με (For fine adjustment)
Measurement range

4-phase switching: ±500, ±1000, ±2000, ±5000με

Setup for each channel using DIP-SW.

Calibration value +500με (Accuracy: 0.5% or less). 3CH interlock using CAL-SW.
Low-pass filter Cutoff frequency: Approx. 5, 20, 200Hz.   Damping characteristics: -12dB/oct   3CH interlock switching using LPF-SW.
Output voltage ±5V
Non-linearity ±0.1%FS
Operational temperature range 0~+50℃ 20~85%RH or less (Non-condensing)
Power supply 12V DC (Approx. 0.2A)
Accessories AC adaptor, Output cable (3)

External dimensions & weight

30(W)×128.5(H)×191(D)mm (excl. protrusions)


DSA input cable (15cm, for NDIS-standard connector)

DSA control cable (1.5m, for DSS300-U)

  • Auto-balance function equipped.

Optional Products

Strage case (Option)