TL3B05 Force Sensor

Higher sensitivity model (Fz: + 500N) than the TL3B04. Larger allowable moment and larger distance between the force point and the action point compared with other 3-axis sensors.


Model TL3B05-500N
Rated capacity Fx・Fy ±500N
Fz +500N
Rated output Fx・Fy Approx. ±0.8 mV/V (±1600με)
Fz Approx. ±0.2 mV/V (±400με)
Allowable overload 150%
Non-linearity ±1.0% RO (after interference correction)
Hysteresis ±1.0% RO (after interference correction)
Interference ±1.0% RO (after interference correction)
Guaranteed temperature range 10 to 60℃ (No condensation)
Allowable temperature range -10 to 70℃ (No condensation)
Temperature effect
 on zero
Fx・Fy ±0.02% RO/℃
Fz ±0.08% RO/℃
Temperature effect
 on output
Fx・Fy ±0.02% RO/℃
Fz ±0.08% RO/℃
Recommended applied voltage 1 to 5V AC or DC
Allowable applied voltage 10V AC or DC
Input resistance All 140Ω ± 3%
Output resistance Fx・Fy 350Ω ± 3%
Fz 700Ω ± 3%
Initial imbalance ±1.5mV/V (±3000με)
Insulation resistance 1000 MΩ / 50V DC or more
Cable 8-core shielded cable (3m)
・For DSA-03A: 12-pin connector (-C)
・For DPA-03A/HDL-30A: 8-pin MD connector (-A)
External dimensions & weight Φ42×H45(mm)   60g (excl. cable)