USL-AP Force Sensor

Amplifier integrated triaxial load cell. Used for force measurement inside robots or manufacturing machines where an amplifier is difficult to use.


Model USL06-H12-50N-AP USL06-H12-100N-AP USL06-H12-200N-AP USL06-H12-500N-AP
Rated Capacity
Fx : ±25N ±50N ±100N ±250N
Fy : ±25N ±50N ±100N ±250N
Fz : +50N +100N +200N +500N
Allowable overload 120%
Non-linearity ±1%RO or less
Hysteresis ±1%RO or less
Power-supply voltage 5V±5% DC
Unloaded output Approx. 2.5V (Initial adjustment by fixed resistance)
Output (Unloaded output) ±2V
Zero adjustment function Not available
Low-pass filter Not available
Operational temperature range 0~70℃
Cable 8-core shielded cable with exposed end (2m)
External dimensions 20×20×12(h)