USLG10 Force Sensor

Used for a robot’s fingertip or force feedback control. This extremely small sensor with an outer diameter of Φ14mm and high sensitivity (up to 10N) is ideal for measuring triaxial stress applied to the fingertip such as testing gripping force by inserting the sensor in a prosthetic hand.


Model USLG10-5N USLG10-10N
Rated capacity Fx ・Fy  ±5N ±10N
Fz  +5N +10N
Rated output Fx ・Fy  Approx. 0.35mV/V(700με) Approx. 0.70mV/V(1400με)
Fz  Approx. 0.10mV/V(200με) Approx. 0.20mV/V(400με)
Allowable overload 200%
Non-linearity ±1.0 % R.O.  (after interference correction)
Hysteresis ±1.0 % R.O.  (after interference correction)
Interference ±2.0 % R.O.  (after interference correction)
Guaranteed temperature range 10 to 60℃ (No condensation)
Allowable temperature range -10 to 70℃ (No condensation)
Recommended applied voltage 1~3V DC
Allowable applied voltage 6V DC
Temperature effect on zero Fx ・Fy   ±0.06%RO/℃ ±0.03%RO/℃
Fz  ±0.2%RO/℃ ±0.1%RO/℃
Temperature effect on output Fx ・Fy   ±0.06%RO/℃ ±0.03%RO/℃
Fz  ±0.2%RO/℃ ±0.1%RO/℃
Input resistance 49 to 52 Ω (common to BV)
Output resistance Fx ・Fy   116 to 124 Ω
Fz  234 to 246 Ω
Initial imbalance ±1.0mV/V (±2000με)
Insulation resistance 1000MΩ / 50V DC or more
Cable   8-core shielded cable (2m)
・For DSA-03A: 12-pin connector (-C)
・For DPA-03A/HDL-30A: 8-pin MD connector (-A)
External dimensions   Φ14×H27(mm)