Measuring Forces

Force Sensor・Amplifier・Interface

Sensor (2-axis)

The world’s smallest class of biaxial sensors with high accuracy.
Dedicated to the measurement of small torque.


High performance 6-channel strain amplifier with analog/digital output for our 3-axis /6-axis force sensors or strain gauge sensors.

Force Plate


Dimensions: 400mm x 600mm
Internationally standard size and most commonly used standard model.
Dimensions: 400mm x 600mm
Light (13.6kg) and Thin, Portable Force Plate. 3000N for a variety of uses.
Dimensions: 300mm×400mm
Low capacity Force Plate (Max. range 1kN, Min. range 300N).
Suitable for measurement of a small force such as a child's standing-up motion.
Dimensions: 600mm×900mm
Large model suitable for a measurement of larger step movements such as those in sports.
Dimensions: 900mm×1000mm
Extra-large model for the use in an athletics stadium.
Applicable for both single use and a measurement system using multiple Force Plates.